Troop Cook Book

This month we are creating a camping cooking guide or cookbook.

The goal is to make menu planning, shopping and cooking easier to plan and execute.

Scouts, their family and friends are to contribute their favorite dining menus from camping trip.

Then we will needs some recipes to to match the items in the menus.

One of attributes you should consider is how easy or hard it is to cook in a camping environment.

Some challenges are worth the effort, so do not deny us the pleasure of your recipe.

Send your menus and recipes to

Below is the outline for our book so far.

Table of Contents:

    1. Menus and

      1. What make a good menu

      2. Pre-planned menus

i. Car Camping

ii. Day Hike

iii. Back packing

iv. Solomon’s Island best guide

v. What the Bears like to eat

      1. Menu planning lotto game

    1. Shopping the menu

      1. How to make shopping list

      2. How to count heads and buy the right amount

      3. Shopping for the best value

      4. Checklist for happy campers

    2. Recipes

      1. Breakfast

i. Eggs in a Bag

      1. Trail snack

      2. Lunch in camp

      3. Lunch on the trail

      4. Dinner / Supper

      5. Fast Food for dinner

i. Mr. Levy’s 10 minute Really Filling Nice Warm Chili

      1. Deserts

      2. Cracker Barrel