2014 - July - Summer Camp

Camp Saunders

Week: 6 - July 20-26

Campsite: Newlon

The exact cost for camp will be determined when we finalize the transportation, but it will be about $300 per scout. Half the cost will be due the first week of January and half will be due in March. Camp Brady Saunders does not charge any extra fees for any merit badges, so spending money for the trading post is the only additional money your scout will need.

Below are the merit badges offered at camp as well as the high adventure tracks offered for older scouts who are not interested in the merit badge program. The full Program Guide for 2014 is available here.

Merit Badges (All merit badge fees are included in the cost of registration!)

    • Archery

    • Art

    • Astronomy

    • Basketry

    • Camping*

    • Canoeing

    • Chess +

    • Cinematography

    • Citizenship in the Community* +

    • Citizenship in the Nation*

    • Citizenship in the World*

    • Climbing

    • Coin Collecting +

    • Communications* +

    • Computers +

    • Cycling*

    • Emergency Preparedness*

    • Energy +

    • Environmental Science*

    • Fingerprinting

    • Fire Safety +

    • First Aid*

    • Fish and Wildlife Management

    • Fishing

    • Forestry

    • Geocaching

    • Geology +

    • Graphic Arts +

    • Indian Lore

    • Instructional Swim (not a merit badge)

    • Kayaking

    • Leatherwork

    • Lifesaving

    • Mammal Study

    • Nature

    • Nuclear Science +

    • Orienteering

    • Photography +

    • Pioneering

    • Plant Science

    • Reptile & Amphibian Study

    • Rifle Shooting

    • Robotics +

    • Rowing

    • Safety +

    • Salesmanship +

    • Search & Rescue +

    • Shotgun Shooting

    • Small Boat Sailing +

    • Soil & Water Conservation

    • Space Exploration

    • Swimming*

    • Weather

    • Wilderness Survival

    • Woodcarving

Ranger Challenge

Rangers Challenge is a program designed for older scouts who seek a different experience then a normal week of earning merit badges at camp!

A wide variety of activities will be offered each week which may include Indian Archeology, Survival, Rifle and Black Powder Shooting, snakes, an ecology trip to the James River, Hikes to Crab Tree Falls, special canoe outings and so much more!

The boys may also have a chance to shoot crossbows, blowguns, throw boomerangs and atlatls, throw axes and knives and all of the other skills that are needed to become a well-rounded woodsman! Nature study and outdoor awareness is built into all parts of the program.

John Hankins conducts this program. With 38 years on camp staffs, he has a body of experience and knowledge that is unique to our camp and our program.

Adults are welcome to participate and help out where necessary. A scout must be 14 years of age and physically fit. At the end of the week, the participants can purchase the “Ranger Challenge” rattlesnake hat at the Trading Post and John will issue a special patch to individuals completing Ranger Challenge.

Voyager Trek

Camp T. Brady Saunders is proud to be offering a new High Adventure Program. The Voyager Trek is a weeklong canoe trip on Kerr Reservoir. Participants will arrive at camp on Sunday and after a quick recheck, shakedown and debrief will depart camp for our base camp on Kerr Reservoir.

Over the next week they will not only learn advanced canoeing skills, but will learn about:



•Plant Identification

•Aquatic Safety

•GPS & GIS Application on both land and water

•Advanced canoe navigation using traditional equipment.

•Natural, presettlement and settlement history

•Leadership Skills

•Backcountry food planning and preparation

•and so much more!

Scouts will have their own closing campfire after reaching Camp Eagle Point on Friday night. Units will return on Saturday in time for a shower and ready to depart from camp T. Brady Saunders.

This program is limited to 12 participants. There will be two staff guides who travel with the crew the entire week. They are there to ensure a safe trip, but their mission is to instill the skills needed for successful high adventure experiences into each participant and allow them to guide their own experience throughout the week. They will facilitate program and provide daily communication with camp T. Brady Saunders.

Due to the limited size of each crew participation will be limited to 12 scouts per week. They will need to fill out the Voyager Trek Application and submit it to Camp T. Brady Saunders before June 1, 2014. Applications brought to camp will not be allowed participation. A panel of volunteers will determine which scouts will participate in the Voyager Trek.

Criteria for selection are included in the Voyager Trek Application. This is going to be a program that Scouts will remember!

Voyager Trek minimum requirements for participation:

•Must be at least 13 years of age by January 1 of the year of participation.

•Must be at least a Star Scout.

•Must pass camp swim-check


•Have a completed Health Form including High Adventure Requirement Section (part A, B, C & D)

•Complete a Voyager Trek Application Form (available online) & receive confirmation of participation in program before camp.


Have enough merit badges? Want to experience the Civil War, where it happened? The Civil War Experience leaves camp every day to explore Richmond and the surround communities. It will include many different battlefields, museums, an overnight in Petersburg and a tour of the Nation’s Capital.

Mountain Bike Program


  • 14 Foot Inflatable Iceberg Climbing Wall

  • Traverse Wall

  • 91 foot 28 foot tall Wetwilly waterslide

  • Dutch Oven Cook-Off

  • Disk Golf Course

  • Rock Throwing Range

  • 3D Archery Contest

  • Scoutmaster CPR/AED Training

  • Scoutmaster Dinner

  • Scoutmaster Cook-Off

  • Volleyball Tournament

  • Brady Olympics

  • Marathon Games

  • Open Shooting

  • 10 Miles of Mountain Bike Trail


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