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Things You Probably Are Thinking About For Summer Camp

posted Jul 4, 2012, 7:06 PM by Kent Riggins

Okay, some of you must be wondering about a bit of the logistics for our Summer Camp at Camp Bashore.  So, here comes information as concisely as I can put it.

  1. Departure:  9:30AM 7/15/12.  You get the point.  We have to load gear and get on the road.  Scouts should be there in Class A at 9:30AM.  It will make life easier if they have swim suits on underneath.  Swim checks are first on the list at camp. 
    Bring a lunch that can be eaten in the car.  No lunch – hungry until dinner.
  2. Return: 7/21/12.  Time: I will guess 10:30 AM but this is highly variable.  Camps like you out quickly on Saturday. It is their only 24 hours of relaxation.  Scouts will call parents as we are on the road to give a more precise time.  So be flexible and available from 10 until noon.
  3. Money: Camp Bashore recommends $35 to $40 spending money for use at the trading post.  Past experience tells me that is a good number.  You are not obligated to send any money with your Scout.  We will have one adult serve as a banker to hang onto your Scout’s money.  It avoids the “I lost it” or “I think someone took it”.  If you send money, you do not have to place it with an adult.  If you are planning that your Scout will not have any spending money, I would appreciate an email heads up.  You can direct that to me at  You should not do a reply that will be viewed by the entire Troop.  It lets us manage better when the Scouts head down to the trading post that some Scouts may feel left out.   
    If you are sending money and want to bring it to either Troop meeting prior to our departure, we can begin to collect it to reduce what is being managed on the morning of the 15th.
  4. Medicine: Medicines will be kept under lock and key (or combination) by an adult.  The adult will dispense the medications.  This is not really an option.  BSA rules do not permit the Scouts to be keeping the medicines with their gear.  Please assist us and have the medicines clearly marked and identified (person, dosage, frequency, drug name).  Having them all in a ziplock bag with the Scout’s name on the bag is a great idea.
  5. Electronics: No.  Simple enough.  That includes cell phones.  See Communication below for how you can communicate.
  6. Communication: Camp Bashore Ph – 717-865-4583; Camp Bashore Fax – 717-865-2793; Camp Bashore mail (if you mail something do it early or we will be gone before it arrives) –  
         Bashore Scout Reservation 
         c/o (Scout Name, Troop 617) 
         160 Moonshine Road 
         Jonestown, PA 17038-8137 
  7. Knives: There is a list for each parent to sign granting or denying permission for the Scout to purchase a pocket knife (Totin’ Chip required).  This is not a safety issue.  This is a “Do you want your Scout spending money on a pocket knife?”  Please see Larry Levy to sign this sheet.  No signature will be interpreted as an implicit NO for your Scout buying a knife. 
    Of course they can bring their pocket knife to camp.  That is what a Scout would do.

 Gear – Suggested Packing from Camp Bashore (with minor edits)

 BSA Uniform:

Shirt, shorts/pants, belt, scout socks (more than 1 pair), neckerchief, neckerchief slide, OA sash (if OA member)


Socks (6 pairs), T-shirts (6, Scouting related preferred), underwear (6), long pants (1), shorts (4), sweatshirt/jacket, sleepwear, hiking shoes/boots (broken in), another pair of shoes (close toed), shower shoes (if desired), rain gear/poncho, bathing suit and towel


Soap in a carrier (or plastic bag), towel and washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, brush or comb, shampoo


Sleeping bag, sleeping pad (if desired but cots are provided), pillow/pillow case

 Other Items (some may not apply):

Flashlight and batteries, water bottle (a spare wouldn’t hurt, they have “disappeared” at camp before), bug spray, sunscreen, Scout Handbook (mandatory if not 1st Class), writing (pen/pencil), notebook (some merit badges require writing), watch, pocket knife, compass, games(not electronic)/cards, camera (but not expensive, disposable is a good idea), laundry bag (a large plastic trash bag works well), hangar (Class A has to be worn each day), rope for a clothes line (Scouts can share this), Religious book (if desired)

      Some Scouts require items for their merit badges and this was noted on their specific prerequisites list that was handed out.

 Please note that food is not on the list.  We do not need animals coming into the tents.