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Cabin Camping Update

posted Jan 3, 2011, 7:06 PM by Kent Riggins   [ updated Jan 3, 2011, 7:07 PM ]
Hi all - 

The weather looks like it will be near perfect this coming weekend - sunny and highs above freezing and night time no lower than the twenties. Heck I've seen Webelos-O-Ree's nearly that cold and we'll be better prepared!

Tips: Please bring your own mess kit - for anyone new, this can be as little as a spork, bowl, and sturdy cup, or you can add a plate and some sort of table knife or nylon equivalent if the Scout does not have toten' chip yet also. The cup will be important as vast quantities of hot chocolate will be available - no little flimsy plastic "camper" cups please! If you don't drink hot chocolate, we will encourage drinking water - a water bottle is advised. We have a kitchen so washing facilities are available. Food will be provided by the adults as is the cabin camping norm and it will be great as always.

Please bring a knit or fleece hat - you will want this also for sleeping! Wear layers and gloves too please, but please no bulky ski gloves or mittens, you shouldn't need anything that heavy (I bring old fleece lined leather gloves and mechanics gloves). Some inexpensive hiking boots are nice, but it should be fairly dry this weekend - good sneaks should be adequate with good socks (no cotton please!). Long underwear is optional - wear it if you get cold easily.

As mentioned before, a minimum 20 degree sleeping bag and you can add a blanket or double up two bags (that what I do). And a foam pad between the ground and the sleeper helps a lot to keep you warm. Bring a flashlight too - the restroom is an outdoor latrine (as most camps are) and if you are tenting, you'll need light when turning in.

Scouts should have something for down time, but no electronics (games, cell phones, radios, etc) please! Cards, board games, football, Frisbee, etc. are all welcome.

If you have a compass, you are encouraged to bring it - if you have one with the rotating bezel on the clear rectangular base (with the lines) bring that - we'll show you how to use it! If you know how, you can also show a fellow scout.

That's it for now - I'll be at the meeting Thursday if you have any questions or you can e-mail me directly at

Dave Heinrichs