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23 Sept 2010 Troop Meeting Announcemnts

posted Sep 24, 2010, 12:15 PM by Kent Riggins   [ updated Sep 24, 2010, 12:22 PM ]
Here are the announcements from tonight's Troop meeting:
1. Congratulations to Daniel Levy for earning his 2nd Silver (6th) Palm.  This is it for Daniel as he ages out next week.
2. Sean Smith's Eagle Project is scheduled for October 9 and 10.  Please plan to participate.  Community service is a key part of Scouting.
3. The PLC is next week 9/29 at 6:45.  The location is tentatively the regular meeting place but look for followup on the availability of that location.  The adult planning meeting will follow at 7:30.
4. Mr. Williams and Brian Williams are hosting a Troop Gear inventory at the shed this Saturday morning at 8:00AM.  This is all the Scout's gear.  It is their responsibility to look after it and take care of it.  Please have your Scout there to assist in this inventory.
5. Don't forget to sell popcorn.
6. Packing for the upcoming Ft. McHenry trip should be a bit different than many other trips.  A suggested packing list is attached.  Please review this with your Scout if they are going on this trip.
Yours in Scouting,
Larry Levy

Suggested Packing for Fort McHenry Trip

 We are trying to pack very light.  Think of this more like a backpacking trip rather than a traditional car and unload at the campsite trip.  The following list of items can/should be sufficient for the trip.  Ideally, you will pack this in a backpack like you might take to school or some alternative small size pack.  You will have to carry this as well a Troop gear an undetermined distance to reach our campsite.  The other advantage to a school type backpack is that it can be used as a day-pack to carry water and lunch while at the Fort on Saturday.

Travel in Class A Uniform.  You will wear this uniform all day on Saturday at the request of the Baltimore Area Council.

Packing List

  • Water bottle(s) – two if you have them.  Have them already filled with water.
  • Night clothes – one set will cover both nights.
  • Change of socks and underwear.
  • Rain poncho or rain jacket
  • Sweatshirt or hoodie – it might get chilly in the evening.
  • Bowl and spoon (or spork) – you will not need a plate and may not even need the bowl.
  • Personal hygiene – toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
  • Flashlight

If you have room and want a change of clothes for Sunday, pack them.  Otherwise, you can wear the Class A uniform home on Sunday.

Sleeping bag – must be in a stuff sack or compression bag.  Do not bring a loose sleeping bag that is just tied. 

Avoid a sleeping pad.  It is possible to sleep the weekend without a pad.  It is just more that you must carry to the campsite location.